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Not all features of native SDKs are available in PhoneGap wrapper.

The BlinkID-phonegap wrapper is open source, so you can easily add features that you need.

For 100% of features and maximum control, consider using native SDKs.


MicroBlink.framework/MicroBlink file in iOS submodule exceeds GitHubs limited file size of 100MB. To correctly init the submodule Git LFS is needed. Git LFS can be installed with homebrew:

brew install git-lfs

After installation, don't forget to restart the terminal!

Clone or Download repository

Downloading a repository just downloads the files from the most recent commit of the default branch but without all the dependencies which are in submodules. We recommend that you clone directory. With a clone option you will get a copy of the history and it’s functional git repository.

To clone repository:


After cloning repository, make sure you clone also its submodules.

From terminal simply cd into BlinkID-phonegap and execute commands:

git submodule init
git submodule update



Here's a complete example of how to create and build a project for Android and iOS using phonegap):

# pull the plugin and sample application from Github
git clone

# initialize and update submodules
git submodule init
git submodule update

# create a empty application
phonegap create testphonegap

cd testphonegap

# add the blinkID plugin
phonegap plugin add ../blinkid-phonegap/BlinkID

# build the project, the binary will appear in the bin/ folder
phonegap build android

# build the project
phonegap build ios

You can also use provided script that will generate a demo app that uses the plugin:


To run the script, you'll need BASH environment on Windows (Linux and MacOS use BASH by default).

Github repository:

Video tutorial:

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