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BlinkID-React Native


React Native is a native version of the popular web library of the same name and its main purpose is to bring the power of React to native development. React Native components are pure, side-effect-free functions that return what the views look like at any point in time.

Not all features of native SDKs are available in React Native wrapper.

BlinkID React Native was built and tested with React Native v0.56.0

List of the available features:

  • RECOGNIZER_USDL - scans barcodes located on the back of US driver's license
  • RECOGNIZER_MRTD - scans Machine Readable Travel Document, contained in various IDs and passports
  • RECOGNIZER_EUDL - scans the front of European driver's license
  • RECOGNIZER_MYKAD - scans the front of Malaysian ID
  • RECOGNIZER_DOCUMENT_FACE - scans documents with face image and returns document images

BlinkID SDK wrapper for React Native

This repository contains example wrapper for BlinkID native SDK for Android and iOS. For 100% of features and maximum control, consider using native SDK.


  • Generate a trial license key to start using the SDK in your app (registration required)

  • Get information about pricing and licensing of BlinkID


Github repository:

Video tutorial:



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