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BlinkID SDK Capacitor plugin


AI-driven ID scanning software for cross-platform apps built with Capacitor. Keep in mind that for full access to all features and functionalities, you’ll be better off using one of our native SDKs (iOS and Android). Not all features of native SDKs are available. However, the wrapper is open source so you can add the features that you need.

Depending on your use case you can choose the recognizer that fits your needs:

  • BlinkID recognizer
    • Scans and extracts data from the front side of the document as well as any machine-readable travel document (MRTD). View list of supported documents here
  • BlinkID combined recognizer
    • For scanning both sides of the supporting document as well as any machine-readable travel document. Passports and travel visas included. Here’s a list of documents that you can scan with BlinkID. For more details about the extracted fields click here.
  • BlinkID IDBarcode recognizer
    • Extract data from various barcodes found on identity documents. You can find a list of supporting documents here.


Minimum software requirements

The package depends on BlinkID SDK and it is required to download and install BlinkID iOS SDK and BlinkID Android SDK. For more information on how to do that, please check our Platform specifics section.


BlinkID plugin is developed with Capacitor version 2.4.0. For help with Capacitor, view official documentation.


BlinkID Capacitor plugin supports iOS 11.0 or newer.


BlinkID Capacitor plugin support Android Android 5.0 (API level 21) or newer.

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