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BlinkID SDK for Android is SDK that enables you to perform scans of various ID cards in your app. You can simply integrate the SDK into your app by following the instructions below and your app will be able to benefit the scanning feature for following ID card standards:

Recognition settings and results


As of version 1.8.0 you can also scan barcodes and perform OCR of structured or free-form text. Supported barcodes are the same as in sister product

Using BlinkID in your app requires a valid license key. You can obtain a trial license key by registering to Microblink dashboard. After registering, you will be able to generate a license key for your app. The license key is bound to package name of your app, so please make sure you enter the correct package name when asked.

See below for more information about how to integrate BlinkID SDK into your app and also check latest Release notes.

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