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The BlinkID Android SDK lets you build a fantastic onboarding experience in your Android app.

With one quick scan, your users will be able to extract information from their identity cards, passports, driver's licenses and virtually any other government-issued ID there is.

BlinkID is:

  • Fast. Real-time data extraction in less than 400ms. Way better than minutes-long form-filling.
  • Secure. Privacy first, always. Scanning works even if the user’s phone is in airplane mode, meaning personal information never touches a third-party server.
  • Intelligent. Machine learning models, optimized to read and parse identity documents from more than 180 countries worldwide, automatically, no need to preselect any of them.
  • Lightweight. Designed to increase your app’s usability, not weight.
  • What you make of it. Customize and rebrand the default UI or leave it as it is. It’s up to you.
  • More than just a powerful ID scanner. Powerful data extraction, coupled with powerful perks. Get a cropped document image back, spot printed documents or data match both sides of the ID for parity.


To see all of these features at work download our free demo app:

Vision App Vision App

Feeling ready to crack on with the integration? First make sure we support your document type ➡️ full list. And then follow the guidelines below.


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