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Android - Latest Updates And Supported Document




New features:

  • added BlinkIdRecognizer for scanning front side of ID cards and BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer for combined scanning of front and back side of ID cards
    • for now, these recognizers classify and extract data from 87 different classes of United States driver's licenses and IDs (front and back side)
    • list of all supported document types can be found here
    • in the upcoming releases, we are planning to add support for more document types from different countries
  • completely new UX for scanning ID cards with new scan activity and overlay: BlinkIdActivity and BlinkIdOverlayController:
    • best suited for scanning with BlinkIdRecognizer and BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer
    • other single side and combined document recognizers are also supported
  • added support for reading back side of Nigerian Voter ID card - use NigeriaVoterIdBackRecognizer


Improvements for existing features:

  • improved RomaniaIdFrontRecognizer
    • now extracts CNP number
  • improved SloveniaIdFrontRecognizer and SloveniaCombinedRecognizer:
    • return boolean flag which indicates whether date of expiry is permanent - use SloveniaIdFrontRecognizer.Result.isDateOfExpiryPermanent() and SloveniaCombinedRecognizer.Result.isDateOfExpiryPermanent()
  • improved GermanyPassportRecognizer:
    • better passport classification
  • improved ColombiaIdFrontRecognizer:
    • support for document number in format 1-3-3
  • improved SlovakiaIdFrontRecognizer:
    • support for German letters
  • Malaysia:
    • MalaysiaMyTenteraFrontRecognizer supports 6-digit army number
    • MalaysiaIkadFrontRecognizer - better extraction of the following fields (DeepOCR support): date of birth, sector, employer, address and date of expiry
  • United Arab Emirates:
    • glare detection is disabled by default for UnitedArabEmiratesIdFrontRecognizer and UnitedArabEmiratesIdBackRecognizer
    • UnitedArabEmiratesIdBackRecognizer - optimized detection for black backgrounds


Minor API changes:

  • overlay controllers are no longer using UI settings, they're now using Overlay settings, you can convert UI settings to Overlay settings like this: uiSettings.toOverlaySettings()
  • Recognizer now only has one type parameter
  • Recognizer.Result no longer has any type parameters
  • DocumentOverlayController and BarcodeOverlayController are replaced with single overlay controller - BasicOverlayController


Removed features:

  • BarcodeScanActivity no longer supports results dialog
  • verification activities no longer support action bar built in obsolete activity themes


Bug fixes:

  • all default scan activities correctly set volume to media instead of ring
  • all default scan activities now apply secure flag if enabled in ui settings
  • fixed scanning bug for devices with problematic camera resolution, which caused that SDK was unable to scan data, known affected devices were: OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 Pro and Vivo V15




Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug in DocumentFaceRecognizer which caused that DPI settings has not been applied to dewarped images
  • fixed bug in DocumentVerificationOverlayController/DocumentVerificationActivity - alert dialog has not been shown in cases when front and back side of the scanned document don't match
  • ColombiaIdBackRecognizer - fixed result strings encoding problem




New features:

  • added support for reading all passports with MRZ - use PassportRecognizer


Improvements for existing features:

  • added tryBothOrientations option to DocumentFaceRecognizer which defines whether document will be scanned in both orientations (normal and upside down)
  • GermanyCombinedRecognizer.Result:
    • added getter for the full MRZ string: getRawMrzString
  • added support for reading commercial code in two rows for HongKongIdFrontRecognizer
  • added support for HongKongIdFrontRecognizer 2018 version
  • improved reading accuracy for the following recognizers (DeepOCR support): MalaysiaIKadFrontRecognizer
  • improved scanning time of all Malaysian ID front recognizers: MalaysiaMyKadFrontRecognizer, MalaysiaMyKasFrontRecognizer, MalaysiaMyPrFrontRecognizer, MalaysiaMyTenteraFrontRecognizer


Minor API changes:

  • Scanning timeout that can be configured by using RecognizerBundle.setNumMsBeforeTimeout is by default set to RecognizerBundle.TIMEOUT_INFINITY, which means that timeout is disabled by default. Previous default timeout value was 10 seconds.


Bug fixes:

  • DPI options on images are now correctly applied to dewarped image results in DocumentFaceRecognizer.Result



Important notice on MRTD recognizer in the latest BlinkID SDK release (v4.8.0)

Please note that we have significantly improved accuracy for MRZ/MRTD scanning because now we switched to the newest OCR technology based on machine learning. To be more precise, we measured and compared existing vs. new MRTD scanning. The new OCR system based on machine learning achieves 99.9% accuracy on the character level, which results with a 50% reduction in the error rate in MRZ extraction.

In order to use new MrtdRecognizer or MrtdCombinedRecognizer or to continue using any additional Recognizer for scanning any ID with the MRZ (machine readable zone) within the latest BlinkID SDK update, you must have a new license key. Before updating to the SDK version 4.8.0, please contact your account manager or send an email to to obtain the new production license key.

Important notes:

  • The MRTD scanning with the older BlinkID SDK versions (v4.7.0 and below) will continue to work without any problems - until you decide to update.
  • If you upgrade to the SDK version 4.8.0 without a new license key scanning of MRTD/MRZ documents will not work.
  • Contact us at to obtain a new license key if you plan to update your app with the latest release.

For any questions, you might have, we stand at your service.


New features:

  • added support for reading front and back side of Brunei Military ID - use BruneiMilitaryIdFrontRecognizer and BruneiMilitaryIdBackRecognizer


Improvements for existing features:

  • improved reading accuracy for all MRZ recognizers
  • added option to force overlay orientation for DocumentOverlayController (DocumentScanActivity) and BarcodeOverlayController (BarcodeScanActivity) - use DocumentUISettings.setForcedOrientation(OverlayOrientation) and BarcodeUISettings.setForcedOrientation(OverlayOrientation)


Minor API changes:

  • removed SerbiaIdFrontRecognizer, SerbiaIdBackRecognizer and SerbiaCombinedRecognizer
  • fields that are not deprecated anymore:
    • Sweden DL - reference number
    • Ireland DL - driver number
    • Malaysia iKad - passport number
    • Hong Kong ID - commercial code
  • deprecated the following methods in UsdlRecognizer.Result and UsdlCombinedRecognizer.Result: (they have been replaced with new getters):
    • getField(UsdlKeys)
    • getOptionalElements
  • added new getters to following results:
    • UsdlRecognizer.Result and UsdlCombinedRecognizer.Result:
      • firstName
      • lastName
      • fullName
      • address
      • documentNumber
      • sex
      • restrictions
      • endorsements
      • vehicleClass
      • dateOfBirth
      • dateOfIssue
      • dateOfExpiry
    • MrzResult:
      • sanitizedOpt1
      • sanitizedOpt2
      • sanitizedNationality
      • sanitizedIssuer
  • moved SwedenDlFrontRecognizer from package com.microblink.entities.recognizers.blinkid.sweden.dl to com.microblink.entities.recognizers.blinkid.sweden
  • renamed methods in the following recognizers and its results:
    • CzechiaCombinedRecognizer:
      • lastName to surname
      • firstName to givenNames
      • identityCardNumber to documentNumber
      • address to permanentStay
      • issuingAuthority to authority
      • personalIdentificationNumber to personalNumber
    • GermanyCombinedRecognizer:
      • lastName to surname
      • firstName to givenNames
      • identityCardNumber to documentNumber
      • issuingAuthority to authority
      • eyeColor to colourOfEyes
    • JordanCombinedRecognizer:
      • issuer to issuedBy
    • PolandCombinedRecognizer:
      • issuer to issuedBy
    • RomaniaIdFrontRecognizer:
      • lastName to surname
      • cardNumber to documentNumber from MrzResult
      • parentNames to parentName
      • nonMRZNationality to nationality
      • nonMRZSex to sex
      • validFrom to dateOfIssue
      • validUntil to dateOfExpiry
      • removed field idSeries
      • removed field cnp
      • MRZ fields are available through MrzResult which can be obtained by using getter RomaniaIdFrontRecognizer.Result.getMrzResult()
    • SlovakiaCombinedRecognizer:
      • issuingAuthority to issuedBy
      • personalIdentificationNumber to personalNumber
    • SloveniaIdFrontRecognizer:
      • lastName to surname
      • firstName to givenNames
    • SloveniaIdBackRecognizer:
      • authority to administrativeUnit
      • MRZ fields are available through MrzResult which can be obtained by using getter SloveniaIdBackRecognizer.Result.getMrzResult()
    • SloveniaCombinedRecognizer:
      • lastName to surname
      • firstName to givenNames
      • identityCardNumber to documentNumber
      • citizenship to nationality
      • issuingAuthority to administrativeUnit
      • personalIdentificationNumber to pin


Bug fixes:

  • fixed crashes on Nexus 6




New features:

  • added support for reading front and back side of Brunei Temporary Residence Permit - use BruneiTemporaryResidencePermitFrontRecognizer and BruneiTemporaryResidencePermitBackRecognizer
  • added new scan activity and overlay: BlinkCardActivity and BlinkCardOverlayController which are best suited for scanning payment cards with BlinkCardRecognizer


Improvements for existing features:

  • enabled reading year-only dates of birth on Kuwait IDs
  • improved SingaporeIdBackRecognizer:
    • better reading of documents with sticker
  • improved MrtdRecognizer:
    • added allowSpecialCharacters option which is required for parsing Malaysian Passport IMM13P MRZ type
  • all recognizers now reset their results on shake, except Combined recognizers
  • BlinkCardRecognizer returns card issuer


Minor API changes:

  • MrtdRecognizer and MrtdCombinedRecognizer do not return MRZ image any more
  • MrtdComginedRecognizer does not have glare detection options (it does not detect glare any more)
  • replaced PaymentCardFrontRecognizer, PaymentCardBackRecognizer and PaymentCardCombinedRecognizer with single recognizer - BlinkCardRecognizer
  • replaced ElitePaymentCardFrontRecognizer, ElitePaymentCardBackRecognizer and ElitePaymentCardCombinedRecognizer with single recognizer - BlinkCardEliteRecognizer
  • PolandIdBackRecognizer.Result does not extend MRTDResult any more, it has getter getMrzResult for obtaining MRZ results


Bug fixes:

  • removed incorrect autofocus check that was performed before concrete camera type is chosen
  • MrtdRecognizer: result state is now properly invalidated after detection fails
  • various other bug fixes and improvements




New features:

  • added support for reading front side of German Driver's License - use GermanyDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading back side of Brunei ID - use BruneiIdBackRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Brunei Residence Permit - use BruneiResidencePermitFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading back side of Brunei Residence Permit - use BruneiResidencePermitBackRecognizer
  • updated default UI icons

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved reading accuracy for the following recognizers (DeepOCR support):
    • MalaysiaMyKadBackRecognizer

Minor API changes:

  • if using high res frame capture in custom UI, you now have to explicitly enable it using new RecognizerRunnerViewmethod setHighResFrameCaptureEnabled
  • renamed GermanyOldIdRecognizer to GermanyIdOldRecognizer
  • removed sex and signatureImage from MalaysiaMyKadBackRecognizer
  • renamed methods in CroatiaCombinedRecognizer and its result:
    • identityCardNumber to documentNumber
    • address to residence
    • issuingAuthority to issuedBy
    • personalIdentificationNumber to oib
    • nonResident to documentForNonResident
  • removed mrzImage from MrtdCombinedRecognizer and its result
  • renamed methods in AustraliaDlFrontRecognizer.Result:
    • name to fullName
    • dateOfExpiry to licenceExpiry
  • renamed eyeColour to colourOfEyes in GermanyIdBackRecognizer.Result
  • deprecated the following recognizers:
    • SerbiaIdBackRecognizer
    • SerbiaIdFrontRecognizer
    • SerbiaCombinedRecognizer
  • deprecated the following result fields:
    • HongKongIdFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • commercialCode
    • IndonesiaIdFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • bloodType
      • district
      • kelDesa
      • rt
      • rw
    • NewZealandDlFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • donorIndicator
      • cardVersion
    • MalaysiaMyKadBackRecognizer.Result:
      • extendedNric
    • MexicoVoterIdFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • electorKey
    • IrelandDlFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • driverNumber
    • SwedenDlFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • referenceNumber
    • MalaysiaIkadFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • passportNumber
    • AustriaIdBackRecognizer.Result:
      • principalResidence
      • height
      • eyeColour
    • AustriaPassportRecognizer.Result:
      • height
    • GermanyIdBackRecognizer.Result:
      • colourOfEyes
      • height
    • SwitzerlandIdBackRecognizer.Result:
      • height
    • SwitzerlandPassportRecognizer.Result:
      • height
    • SingaporeIdBackRecognizer.Result:
      • bloodGroup
    • ColombiaIdBackRecognizer.Result:
      • bloodGroup
    • SwitzerlandPassportRecognizer.Result:
      • height
    • PolandIdFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • familyName
      • parentsGivenNames
    • MoroccoIdBackRecognizer.Result:
      • fathersName
      • mothersName
    • RomaniaIdFrontRecognizer.Result:
      • parentNames

Bug fixes:

  • fixed crash on some devices when using VIDEO_RESOLUTION_MAX_AVAILABLE



New features:

  • added support for reading front side of Brunei ID - use BruneiIdFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front and back side of Cyprus ID, issued after 2015. - use CyprusIdFrontRecognizer and CyprusIdBackRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Malaysian MyKAS - use MalaysiaMyKasFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Malaysian MyPR - use MalaysiaMyPrFrontRecognizer
  • enabled capturing high resolution camera frames:
    • When custom UI integration is performed, use RecognizerRunnerView.captureHighResImage
    • When using provided scan activities, high resolution full camera frames taken at the moment of successful scan are returned if this option is enabled through UISettings. Concrete UISettings which implement interface HighResSuccessFrameCaptureUIOptions support this feature.

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved reading accuracy for the following recognizers (DeepOCR support):
    • HongKongIdFrontRecognizer
    • MalaysiaMyKadFrontRecognizer
    • MalaysiaMyKadBackRecognizer
    • MalaysiaMyTenteraFrontRecognizer
    • MalaysiaDlFrontRecognizer
    • NewZealandDlFrontRecognizer
  • improved PaymentCard recognizers:
    • better OCR and data extraction
    • added support for reading payment card numbers in 4x6x4 and 4x6x5 format
  • improveed UAE recognizers:
    • glare detection is enabled for all images returned from UnitedArabEmiratesDlFrontRecognizerUnitedArabEmiratesIdBackRecognizer and UnitedArabEmiratesIdFrontRecognizer recognizers
  • improved MrtdRecognizer:
    • added option to set extension factors for full document image: use method setFullDocumentImageExtensionFactors
    • added option to encode fullDocumentImage and mrzImage to JPEG and save them to MrtdRecognizer.Result: use setEncodeMrzImage and setEncodeFullDocumentImage to enable encoding
  • RecognizerRunnerView is lifecycle-aware now, it implements android.arch.lifecycle.LifecycleObserver interface

Minor API changes:

  • renamed IkadRecognizer to MalaysiaIkadFrontRecognizer and methods in recognizer and its Result:

    • expiryDate to dateOfExpiry
    • sex to gender
  • renamed MyKadFrontRecogniezer to MalaysiaMyKadFrontRecognizer and methods in recognizer and its Result:

    • ownerFullName to fullName
    • ownerAddress to fullAddress
    • addressStreet to street
    • ownerAddressZipCode to zipcode
    • ownerAddressCity to city
    • ownerAddressState to ownerState
    • ownerBirthDate to birthDate
    • ownerSex to sex
    • ownerReligion to religion
    • nricNumber to nric
  • MalaysiaMyKadFrontRecognizer does not extract armyNumber anymore, use MalaysiaMyTenteraFrontRecognizerfor scanning MyTentera

  • MrtdRecognizer:

    • method setSaveImageDPI which has been used to set DPI for full document and MRZ image is replaced with methods setFullDocumentImageDpi and setMrzImageDpi
  • renamed methods in SwitzerlandIdBackRecognizer and its Result:

    • nonMrzDateOfExpiry to dateOfExpiry
    • nonMrzSex to sex
  • renamed methods in SwitzerlandPassportRecognizer and its Result:

    • placeOfBirth to placeOfOrigin
    • nonMrzDateOfBirth to dateOfBirth
    • nonMrzDateOfExpiry to dateOfExpiry
    • nonMrzSex to sex

Bug fixes:

  • fixed problems in camera management:
    • default camera surface is TextureVeiw for devices that use Camera1 API, otherwise SurfaceView is used
  • DocumentFaceRecognizer now correctly applies DPI settings to returned face and full document images
  • various other bug fixes and improvements



New features:

  • added support for reading back side of Germany Driver's License (reading of single B10 field - date of issue for B category) - use GermanyDlBackRecognizer

  • added support for reading front side of Mexico Voter ID - use MexicoVoterIdFrontRecognizer

Improvements for existing features:

  • added support for hiding sensitive parts of images returned by payment card recognizers:
    • PaymentCardFrontRecognizer: setAnonymizeOwner, setAnonymizeCardNumber
    • PaymentCardBackRecognizer: setAnonymizeCvv
    • PaymentCardCombinedRecognizer: setAnonymizeOwner, setAnonymizeCardNumber, setAnonymizeCvv
    • ElitePaymentCardFrontRecognizer: setAnonymizeOwner
    • ElitePaymentCardBackRecognizer: setAnonymizeCardNumber, setAnonymizeCvv
    • ElitePaymentCardBackRecognizer: setAnonymizeOwner, setAnonymizeCardNumber, setAnonymizeCvv
  • CyprusIdBackRecognizer: added support for reading date of expiry, use getExpiresOn on its result
  • SlovakiaIdFrontRecognizer: improved reading of personalNumber field
  • improved reading accuracy for the following recognizers:
    • MalaysiaMyTenteraFrontRecognizer
    • SingaporeDlFrontRecognizer
    • CroatiaIdFrontRecognizer
    • IndonesiaIdFrontRecognizer
  • improved image return processor:
    • the processor now estimates detected (dewarped) document image quality and returns the best quality dewarped image from the best quality detection
  • DocumentVerificationActivity does not extend AppCompatActivity any more

Minor API changes:

  • renamed methods in GermanyIdFrontRecognizer and its Result:
    • lastName to surname
    • firstName to givenNames
  • renamed MyTenteraRecognizer to MalaysiaMyTenteraFrontRecognizer and methods in recognizer and its Result:
    • ownerFullName -> fullName
    • ownerAddress -> fullAddress
    • ownerAddressStreet -> street
    • ownerAddressZipCode -> zipcode
    • ownerAddressCity -> city
    • ownerAddressState -> ownerState
    • ownerBirthDate -> birthDate
    • ownerSex -> sex
    • ownerReligion -> religion
    • nricNumber -> nric
  • renamded enum com.microblink.uisettings.options.ShowOcrResultMode to com.microblink.uisettings.options.OcrResultDisplayMode
  • for all UISettings classes which support setting of OCR result display mode, renamed method setShowOcrResultMode to setOcrResultDisplayMode

Bug fixes:

  • fixed camera autofocus problems on Samsung S9/S9+ when optimisation for near scanning is enabled
  • fixed autofocus problems in Field by field scanning on Huawei P20 pro, Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 lite


New features:

  • added support for reading front side of Ireland Driver's License - use IrelandDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Colombia Driver's License - use ColombiaDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Italy Driver's License - use ItalyDlFrontRecognizer
  • added standalone recognizer for reading front side of Austria Driver's License - use AustriaDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front and back side of elite Payment / Debit cards - use ElitePaymentCardFrontRecognizerElitePaymentCardBackRecognizer and ElitePaymentCardCombinedRecognizer

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved MrtdCombinedRecognizer:
    • added option to allow unparsed and unverified MRZ results - use MrtdCombinedRecognizer.setAllowUnparsedResults and MrtdCombinedRecognizer.setAllowUnverifiedResults
  • improved MalaysiaDlFrontRecognizer:
    • added support for reading Malaysia Dl for foreigners
  • improved UsdlRecogniezr:
    • added support for reading dates on Nigerian Driver's licenses
  • added support for setting full document image extension factors for almost all ID document recognizers, they implement interface FullDocumentImageExtensionOptions
  • added support for setting the number of stable detections threshold on DocumentFaceRecognizer and recognizers which use it internally: MrtdCombinedRecognizer and UsdlCombinedRecognizer - use setNumStableDetectionsThreshold(int). This can help to avoid returning of blurry images.
  • improved EudlRecognizer:
    • better reading accuracy for UK Driver's license
  • moved these recognizers to DeepOCR engine (improved reading accuracy): SingaporeIdFrontRecognizerSingaporeIdBackRecognizerCroatiaIdFrontRecognizerCroatiaIdBackRecognizer
  • improved DeepOCR accuracy

Minor API changes:

  • renamed methods in MalaysiaDlFrontRecognizer and its Result:
    • state to ownerState
    • zipCode to zipcode
  • renamed methods in IndonesiaIdFrontRecognizer and its Result:
    • validUntil to dateOfExpiry
    • validUntilPermanent to dateOfExpiryPermanent
  • renamed methods in SingaporeIdFrontRecognizer and its Result:
    • bloodType to bloodGroup
  • renamed methods in SingaporeCombinedRecognizer and its Result:
    • bloodType to bloodGroup

Bug fixes:

  • enabled wrapping of combined recogniezrs with SuccessFrameGrabberRecognizer
  • fixed bug in EudlRecognizer which caused that sometimes face image is not returned, even if the recognition was successful
  • various other bug fixes and improvements



New features:

  • added support for reading front side of United Arab Emirates Driver's License - use UnitedArabEmiratesDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Spain Driver's License - use SpainDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front and back side of Cyprus ID - use CyprusIdFrontRecognizer and CyprusIdBackRecognizer
  • added support for reading front and back side of Kuwait ID - use KuwaitIdFrontRecognizer and KuwaitIdBackRecognizer
  • added support for reading front and back side of Payment / Debit cards - use PaymentCardFrontRecognizerPaymentCardBackRecognizer and PaymentCardCombinedRecognizer

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved SingaporeCombinedRecognizer:
    • added support for reading sticker with new address from the back side
  • BarcodeScanActivity by default does not show result dialog after scan

Minor API changes:

  • renamed methods in CroatiaIdBackRecognizer and its Result:
    • address to residence
    • documentForNonResident to isDocumentForNonResident
    • issuingAuthority to issuedBy
    • getDateOfExpiryPermanent to isDateOfExpiryPermanent
    • MRZ fields are available through MrzResult which can be obtained by using getter CroatiaIdBackRecognizer.Result.getMrzResult()
  • renamed method in SingaporeIdFrontRecognizer and its Result:
    • cardNumber to identityCardNumber
  • renamed method in SingaporeCombinedRecognizer and its Result:
    • cardNumber to identityCardNumber
    • bloodGroup to bloodType

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug which caused that results from the previous scan are cleared when the scan activity is run again and entities which have produced results are not used in the new scan
  • various other bug fixes and improvements


New features:

  • added support for reading partial dates on all MRTD documents:
    • affects all recognizers which extract data from Machine Readable Zone
  • added support for reading front side of Swiss Driver's License - use SwitzerlandDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Singapore Driver's License - use SingaporeDlFrontRecognizer
  • added support for reading front side of Singapore Changi employee ID - use SingaporeChangiEmployeeIdRecognizer
  • added support for reading front and back side of Morocco ID - use MoroccoIdFrontRecognizer and MoroccoIdBackRecognizer

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved HongKongIdFrontRecognizer:
    • added support for reading residential status field
  • improved UnitedArabEmiratesIdFrontRecognizer:
    • better name and nationality extraction
  • improved SingaporeIdBackRecognizer:
    • added support for reading sticker with new address
  • improved MyKadBackRecognizer:
    • added support for reading old NRIC field
  • improved NewZealandDlFrontRecognizer:
    • better reading of all fields

Minor API changes:

  • in CroatiaIdFrontRecognizer identityCardNumber is renamed to documentNumber
  • BarcodeRecognizer does not support Manatee library any more:
    • removed setter setManateeLicenseKey
  • in GermanyIdBackRecognizer.ResultAustriaPassportRecognizer.ResultAustriaIdBackRecognizer.Result and AustriaCombinedRecognizer.Result getter getHeight returns height as String (instead of int)
  • HongKongIdFrontRecognizer.Result.getDateOfBirth() returns instead of
  • in ColombiaIdBackRecognizer.Result getter getDateOfBirth() is renamed to getBirthDate()
  • in SingaporeIdBackRecognizer.Result getter getBloodGroup() is renamed to getBloodType()
  • renamed getters in NewZealandDlFrontRecognizer.Result renamed getters:
    • getIssueDate() to getDateOfIssue()
    • getExpiryDate() to getDateOfExpiry()
    • getDonorIndicator() to isDonorIndicator()

Bug fixes:

  • various bug fixes and improvements


  • new API, which is not backward compatible. Please check README and updated demo applications for more information, but the gist of it is:
    • RecognizerView has been renamed to RecognizerRunnerView and Recognizer singleton to RecognizerRunner
    • SegmentScanActivity has been renamed to FieldByFieldScanActivity
    • RandomScanActivity does not exist anymore
    • previously internal Recognizer objects are not internal anymore - instead of having opaque RecognizerSettings and RecognizerResult objects, you now have stateful Recognizer object that contains its Result within and mutates it while performing recognition.
      • similarly we now have stateful Parser and Detector objects
      • introduced new Processor object type
      • For more information, see README and updated demo applications
    • added RecognizerRunnerFragment with support for various scanning overlays in a manner similar to iOS API. This now allows you to use built-in UI, which was previously strictly available for built-in activities, in form of fragment anywhere within your activity. Full details are given in README and in updated demo applications.
  • new licence format, which is not backward compatible. Full details are given in README and in updated applications, but the gist of it is:
    • licence can now be provided with either file, byte array or base64-encoded bytes


Improvements for existing features:

  • com.microblink.image.Image class now has getter getImageQuality():
    • can be used to choose the best image from the same scan
    • it only makes sense to relatively compare image qualities from consecutive camera frames from the same scan on a certain device

Bug fixes:

  • fixed UnitedArabEmiratesIDBackRecognizer:
    • enabled reading of UAE back side where MRZ starts with IR


New features:

  • added support for reading front side of Sweden Driver's License - use SwedenDLFrontRecognizerSettings

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved CroatianIDBackSideRecognizer:
    • better reading of address field
  • improved GermanIDFrontSideRecognizer:
    • added support for reading CAN number
  • improved USDLRecognizer:
    • better parsing of the USDL data fields
  • improved HongKongIDFrontRecognizer:
    • better reading of document number (check digit validation)
  • improved IKadRecognizer:
    • added support for iKad IMM_55 document type (foreign students card)
  • added option to extend full document image for German recognizers: GermanIDFrontSideRecognizerGermanOldIDRecognizerGermanIDBackSideRecognizerGermanIDCombinedRecognizer and GermanPassportRecognizer - use method setFullDocumentImageExtensionFactors(ImageExtensionFactors) from the corresponding recognizer settings
  • when DocumentFaceRecognizer is activated at the same time with another more specific recognizer(s) (e.g. EUDLRecognizer), preference is given to the more specific recognizer which means that it will get a chance to extract additional data from the concrete document type

Bug fixes:

  • fixed reading of non-standard PDF417 barcodes


New features:

  • added support for reading front side of Egypt ID - use EgyptIDFrontRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading front and back side of Jordan ID - use JordanIDFrontRecognizerSettings,JordanIDBackRecognizerSettings and JordanIDCombinedRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading front side of Malaysian drivers license - use MalaysianDLFrontRecognizerSettings

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved USDLRecognizer:
    • better parsing of the USDL barcode content
    • fixed extraction of expiry date from magnetic stripe USDL subtype
  • improved VinParser:
    • better extraction of specific VIN numbers
  • improved MRTDRecognizer:
    • added support for parsing Malaysian Passport IMM13P MRZ type, reading of special characters must be enabled by using MRTDRecognizerSettings.setAllowSpecialCharacters
    • enabled reading of MRZ with '-' characters (non-default setting), to enable this use method MRTDRecognizerSettings.setAllowSpecialCharacters

Bug fixes:

  • fixed rare crash in MRTDRecognizer


Bug fixes:

  • fixed returning of face image when using UnitedArabEmiratesIDFrontRecognizer:
    • fixed face image position


New features:

  • added support for reading front side of Hong Kong ID - use HongKongIDFrontRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading front and back side of Colombian ID - use ColombiaIDFrontRecognizerSettings and ColombiaIDBackRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading front and back side of United Arab Emirates ID - use UnitedArabEmiratesIDFrontRecognizerSettings and UnitedArabEmiratesIDBackRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading front side of New Zealand drivers license - use NewZealandDLFrontRecognizerSettings

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved MRTDRecognizer:
    • improved reading of Belgium ID MRZ OPT2 field
    • added support for reading Belgium MRZ with partial date of birth - MRTDRecognizerSettings.setAllowUnverifiedResults() must be set to true
    • added support for reading Kenya MRZ - MRTDRecognizerSettings.setAllowUnverifiedResults() must be set to true
  • improved MyKadFrontSideRecognizer and MyTenteraRecognizer:
    • better reading of name field
    • better reading of address field
  • when setting DPI for full document image in concrete recognizer settings that has method setFullDocumentImageDPI, exception is thrown if DPI value is not in the expected range [100, 400]

Bug fixes:

  • fixed NullPointerException in RecognizerView caused by race condition that happens when quickly restarting camera manager
  • fixed a crash in Templating API caused by using a MultiDetector with DetectorRecognizer


New features:

  • added support for reading back side of Malaysian MyKad - use MyKadBackSideRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading Malaysian MyTentera documents - use MyTenteraRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading Malaysian MyTentera documents with MyKad recognizer - use MyKadFrontSideRecognizerSettings and enable reading of army number
  • added support for setting DPI for full document images returned by MyKadFrontSideRecognizerMyKadBackSideRecognizerMyTenteraRecognizer and IKadRecognizer:
    • use setFullDocumentImageDPI on the corresponding recognizer settings

Minor API changes:

  • renamed MyKadRecognizerSettings and MyKadRecognitionResult to MyKadFrontSideRecognizerSettings and MyKadFrontSideRecognitionResult and moved them to com.microblink.recognizers.blinkid.malaysia.mykad.front package
  • moved IKadRecognizerSettings and IKadRecognitionResult to com.microblink.recognizers.blinkid.malaysia.ikad package

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved AustralianDLFrontSideRecognizer:
    • improved reading of names and addresses
    • added support for reading first names with more words
  • improved SingaporeIDFrontRecognizer:
    • tuned ID card data extraction positions
  • improved Malaysian IKadRecognizer:
    • better reading of date of expiry and employer fields

Bug fixes:

  • fixed crash in DocumentFaceRecognizer


New features:

  • added support for reading back side of new Australian Driver's licence for state Victoria - use AustralianDLBackSideRecognizerSettings
  • added support for reading front side of Indonesian ID - use IndonesianIDFrontRecognizerSettings
  • added support for Malaysian visa with document code TS - use MRTDRecognizerSettings
  • introduced MRTDSpecification and method setMRTDSpecifications on MRTDRecognizerSettings and MRTDDetectorSettings:
    • detection is limited only to document type specified with MRTDSpecification
    • when MRTDSpecifications are set, results will be returned only for specified MRTD documents
    • MRTDSpecification can be created by using MRTDSpecification.createFromPreset, available presets are: MRTD_SPECIFICATION_TD1MRTD_SPECIFICATION_TD2 and MRTD_SPECIFICATION_TD3
  • added support for setting DPI for full document images returned by MRTDRecognizerAustralianDLFrontSideRecognizerAustralianDLBackSideRecognizer and EUDLRecognizer:
    • use setFullDocumentImageDPI on the corresponding recognizer settings

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved reading of Malaysian MyKad address


New features:

  • added support for scanning front and back side of Polish ID - use PolishIDFrontSideRecognizerSettingsPolishIDBackSideRecognizerSettings and PolishIDCombinedRecognizerSettings
  • new document specification presets in DocumentSpecificationPreset enum:DOCUMENT_SPECIFICATION_PRESET_ID1_VERTICAL_CARD and DOCUMENT_SPECIFICATION_PRESET_ID2_VERTICAL_CARD - use DocumentSpecification.createFromPreset method to create document specification for detector
  • EUDLRecognizer can return face image from the driver's license
  • warning for time limited license keys when using provided activities, custom UI integration or Direct API:
    • the goal is to prevent unintentional publishing of application to production with the demo license key that will expire
    • warning toast can be disabled by using EXTRAS_SHOW_TIME_LIMITED_LICENSE_KEY_WARNING intent extra, RecognizerView.setLicenseKeyTimeLimitedWarningEnabled method when custom UI integration is used and Recognizer.setLicenseKeyTimeLimitedWarningEnabled method when Direct API is used

Minor API changes:

  • DocumentSpecification does not have method setPhysicalSizeInInches any more
  • DocumentDetectorResult does not contain information about screen orientation any more
  • QuadDetectorWithSizeResult is renamed to QuadWithSizeDetectorResult

Improvements for existing features:

  • improved face detection in DocumentFaceRecognizer: stable detection is required to prevent returning of blurred images
  • improved reading of Malaysian MyKad documents:
    • improved reading and parsing of address fields: previously recognizer was unable to read some documents because of the expected address format
  • improved reading of Malaysian visas and work permits
  • better reading of dates on Australian Driver's Licence

Bug fixes:

  • fixed crash in GermanIDBackSideRecognitionResult caused by ProGuard obfuscation, when it is not declared in ProGuard rules to keep the result constructor
  • fixed crash in MRTDCombinedRecognizer: recognizer does not support glare detection


New features:

  • added support for scanning front and back side of Swiss ID - use SwissIDFrontSideRecognizerSettings and SwissIDBackSideRecognizerSettings 
  • added support for reading front side of new Australian Driver's licence for state Victoria - use AustralianDLFrontSideRecognizerSettings
  • introduced MRZFilter:
    • use MRTDRecognizerSettings to enable it on MRTDRecognizer
    • determines whether document should be processed or it is filtered out, based on its MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)
  • added QuadDetectorWithSizeResult which inherits existing QuadDetectorResult:
    • it's subclasses are DocumentDetectorResult and MRTDDetectorResult
    • returns information about physical size (height) in inches of the detected location when physical size is known
  • introduced GlareDetector which is by default used in all recognizers whose settings implement GlareDetectorOptions:
    • when glare is detected, OCR will not be performed on the affected document position to prevent errors in the extracted data
    • if the glare detector is used and obtaining of glare metadata is enabled in MetadataSettings, glare status will be reported to MetadataListener
    • glare detector can be disabled by using setDetectGlare(boolean) method on the recognizer settings

Minor API changes:

  • BlinkOCRRecognizerSettings is now deprecated and will be removed in v4.0.0
    • use DetectorRecognizerSettings to perform scanning of templated documents
    • use BlinkInputRecognizerSettings for segment scan or for full-screen OCR
    • until v4.0.0BlinkOCRRecognizerSettings will behave as before, however you are encouraged to update your code not to use it anymore
  • DocumentClassifier interface is moved from com.microblink.recognizers.blinkocr to com.microblink.recognizers.detector package and DocumentClassifier.classifyDocument() now accepts DetectorRecognitionResult as parameter for document classification
  • USDLRecognizerSettings:
    • removed option to scan 1D Code39 and Code128 barcodes on driver's licenses that contain those barcodes alongside PDF417 barcode

Improvements for existing features

  • improved date parsing:
    • affects date parser and all recognizers which perform date parsing
  • added support for reading mirrored QR codes:
    • affects all recognizers that perform QR code scanning
  • improved CroatianIDBackSideRecognizer:
    • better extraction of fields on back side of the Croatian ID card
  • improved USDLRecognizer:
    • added support for new USDL standard

Bug fixes:

  • fixed crash in QR code reading
  • fixed returning valid data for MRZ based recognizers when not all fields outside of the MRZ have been scanned


Bug fixes:

  • fixed pareclization of BlinkOCREngineOptions:
    • when defining character whitelist chosen character font has been incorrectly passed to native code
    • affects code where character whitelist is defined through BlinkOCREngineOptions for used parsers (e.g. Templating API)


New features:

  • added support for scanning Austrian passports - use AustrianPassportRecognizerSettings
  • added support for scanning Swiss passports - use SwissPassportRecognizerSettings
  • added support for scanning Mexican Voting Cards - use MRTDRecognizerSettings

Minor API changes:

  • RegexParserSettings and RawParserSettings now work with AbstractOCREngineOptions, which is a base class of BlinkOCREngineOptions
    • default engine options returned by method getOcrEngineOptions for both parser settings return instance of BlinkOCREngineOptions

Improvements for existing features

  • improved address parsing on Malaysian iKad documents
    • affects only iKad recognizer (represented by IKadRecognizerSettings)
  • added support for scanning non-expiring Croatian ID documents
    • affects:
      • Croatian ID front recognizer (represented by CroatianIDFrontSideRecognizerSettings) - date of expiry is keyword TRAJNO
      • Croatian ID back recognizer (represented by CroatianIDBackSideRecognizerSettings) - date of expiry inside MRZ is 991231
      • Croatian ID combined recognizer (represented by CroatianIDCombinedRecognizerSettings)

Bug fixes:

  • fixed occassional crash in MRTD detection algorithm
    • this affects both MRTD Recognizer (represented by MRTDRecognizerSettings) and MRTD Detector(represented by MRTDDetectorSettings)


  • bugfix in Croatian ID scanning:
    • ensured that OIB number is not returned for old ID cards, where it does not exist
  • added Czech and Slovak translations
  • Date fields in recognition results are returned as class which represents immutable dates that are consisted of day, month and year
  • improved IbanParser:
    • improved extraction of IBANs without prefix and introduced setAlwaysReturnPrefix option to always return prefix (country code)
    • added support for french IBANs
  • enabled reading of Pdf417 barcodes having width/height bar aspect ratio less than 2:1
  • Added VinRecognizer for scanning VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcodes
  • Added unified BarcodeRecognizer for scanning various tipes of barcodes
    • ZXingRecognizerBarDecoderRecognizer and AztecRecognizer are deprecatedBarcodeRecognizer should be used for all barcode types that are supported by these recognizers
  • OcrLine.getChars() method returns CharWithVariants array. OCR char is defined by all its parameters (value, font, position, quality, etc.) and for each resulting char it is possible to have multiple variants. For example it is possible to have same char value with different font.
  • Fixed bug in SegmentScanActivity:
    • scan results are no longer hidden on shake event
  • improved IKadRecognizer:
    • added support for long addresses and employer names
    • fixed returning of full document images as metadata
  • improved Singapore ID Recognizers:
    • tuned reading positions
    • more accurate reading of name and blood type fields
  • improved Slovak ID Recognizers:
    • tuned reading positions of ID elements
    • improved reading precision of address, place of birth, last name and issuing authority
    • added options to disable/enable extraction of certain fields in recognizer settings
    • result getters getPersonalIdentificationNumber() and getIssuingAuthority() are renamed to getPersonalNumber() and getIssuedBy()
  • Renamed RomanianIDFrontSideRecognitionResult element getters for Sex and Nationality outside of the MRZ to getNonMRZNationality() and getNonMRZSex()
  • For Austrian ID Recognizers added options to disable/enable extraction of certain fields in recognizer settings


  • improved CombinedRecognizers:
    • better handling of names containing dashes and extra long names
  • improved TopUpParser:
    • added option to return USSD code without prefix
  • by default MRTDRecognizer does not return results with incorrect check digits


  • introduced ability to create minimum-size AAR
    • a separate static library distribution now exists which contains a script that you can configure with features you need and it creates a AAR file which only contains features you need - this includes minimum-size native binary and only required assets. The rest (resources and java classes) can be thrown-away by ProGuard.
  • LibBlinkID is now fully ProGuard-compatible, i.e. you no longer need to exclude com.microblink.** classes in your ProGuard configuration
  • removed support for Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 - minimum required Android version is now Android 4.1 (API level 16)
  • removed isItalic and isBold getters from OcrChar class
    • they always returned false, since OCR engine cannot accurately detect that
  • removed setLineGroupingEnabled and isLineGroupingEnabled from BlinkOCREngineOptions because disabling line grouping completely destroyed the OCR accuracy
  • added GermanIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the German ID


  • prefixed custom attributes to avoid name collisions with attributes from other libraries:
    • CameraViewGroup: renamed animateRotation to mb_animateRotation, animationDuration to mb_animationDuration, rotatable to mb_rotatable
    • BaseCameraView: renamed initialOrientation to mb_initialOrientation, aspectMode to mb_aspectMode
  • improved MRTDRecognizer:
    • WSA (World Goverment of World Citizens) added as valid country code when parsing MRZ
  • added USDLCombinedRecognizer: scans face image and USDL barcode


  • updated German ID recognizers:

    • instead of GermanIDMRZSideRecognizer, which was used for scanning front side of the older ID cards and back side of the new ID cards, there are two specialised recognizers: GermanIDBackSideRecognizer and GermanOldIDRecognizer
    • improved scanning accuracy of the GermanIDFrontSideRecognizer (name and surname)
    • splitting address from back side of the new German ID (GermanIDBackSideRecognizer) to ZIP code, city, street and house number
  • better support for German passports: GermanPassportRecognizer reads passport data from MRZ and fields outside of the MRZ

  • splitting address in MyKadRecognizer to street, ZIP code, city and state

  • improved Croatian ID recognizers:

    • multiple scans are used for better confidence
  • TopUpParser improvements

  • DateParser can parse dates with month names in English (either full or abbreviated), if this option is enabled

  • added support for polish IBAN without PL prefix to IBANParser

  • fixed returning of images inside TemplatingAPI for frames when document was not correctly detected

  • introduced combined recognizers:

    • AustrianIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Austrian ID
    • CroatianIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Croatian ID
    • CzechIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Czech ID
    • MRTDCombinedRecognizer: scans face image from any type of the document and Machine Readable Zone
    • SerbianIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Serbian ID
    • SingaporeIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Singapore ID
    • SlovakIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Slovak ID
    • SlovenianIDCombinedRecognizer: scans front and back side of the Slovenian ID

    Combined recognizers can be used for scanning multiple parts/sides of the document in predefined order. They combine results from individual scans to boost accuracy and merge them into the final result.

  • added VerificationFlowActivity which is designed for scanning multiple parts/sides of the document by using provided combined recognizers

  • optimised native binary size

    • 15% size reduction for arm64-v8a ABI
    • 14% size reduction for x86 ABI
    • 13% size reduction for armeabi-v7a and `x86_64 ABIs


  • added AztecRecognizer for scanning Aztec barcodes
  • improved TopUpParser:
    • added suport for 14 digits long sim numbers in addition to existing lengths (12, 19, 20)


  • MobileCouponsParser is renamed to TopUpParser
  • improved TopUpParser:
    • added option to enable all prefixes at the same time (generic prefix)
  • fixed layouting of provided SegmentScanActivity and RandomScanActivity in multi-window mode
  • added SimNumberRecognizer which scans SIM numbers from barcodes
  • improved MRTDRecognizer:
    • better support for arab MRZ
  • updated CroatianIDFrontSideRecognizer:
    • returning sex as written on front side of a document
  • added support for scanning front side of Romanian ID cards


  • improved multi-window camera support
  • fix layouting of default activities in multi-window mode
  • fixed problem with front side Singapore recognizer


  • improved quality of german ID address recognition
  • added support for extracting place of birth on old German IDs
  • added support for scanning IBAN from Georgia in Segment Scan
  • added support for cancelling ongoing DirectAPI recognition call
  • added option to allow unverified results for MRTDRecognizer:
    • by using method setAllowUnverifiedResults in MRTDRecognizerSettings, it is possible to allow obtaining of results with incorrect check digits
  • Singapore ID recognizer is split in two recognizers - one for front and one for back side
  • added Belgian account number check to IBAN parser
  • added support for Android 7 multi-window mode
  • fixed autofocus bug on Huawei Honor 8
  • fixed black camera on Motorola Moto Z
  • made camera focusing more stable on some devices
    • stable means less "jumpy" when searching for focused image
  • added support for receiving of GlareMetadata which informs user that there is too much glare for performing recognition of ID document


  • removed RecognizerView method setInitialScanningPaused. For achieving the same functionality, method pauseScanning should be used.
  • added support for scanning IBANs that contain spaces and dashes
  • improved MRTDRecognizer: when obtaining of full document images is enabled with setShowFullDocument method, recognizer returns result only after the document image has been returned.


  • fixed camera management on LG X Cam
  • improved IBAN parser
  • LibRecognizer.aar renamed to LibBlinkID.aar
  • added support for scanning Slovenian IDs
  • fixed crash on ARMv7 devices when using ImageListener
  • added support for drawing MRZ detection result


  • US Driver's Licence:
    • fixed parsing of Virgin Islands DL
    • added support for Arkansas DL
    • added support for new South Carolina DL
  • Malaysian ID:
    • added support for returning face image
    • fixed wrong parsing of birth date
  • fixed rare NPE in SegmentScanActivity
  • workaround for camera bug on some samsung devices


  • added MobileCouponsParser for reading prepaid codes from mobile phone coupons
  • DateParser returns result as java Date object and as original date String
  • added method getSpecificParsedResult to TemplatingRecognitionResult (BlinkOCRRecognitionResult) which returns specific parser results, e.g. java Date for DateParser
  • added support for scanning front and back side of Serbian ID cards
  • added support for scanning Malaysian iKad documents
  • migrated to libc++ native runtime and used clang from NDKr12b for building the native code
    • this enabled c++14 features which will help us yield much better performance in the future


  • added support for scanning front and back side of Slovak ID cards
  • added support for scanning front and back side of German ID cards
  • added support for Austrian DL
  • improved support for scanning Croatian ID cards
  • fixed crashes on Nexus 6 (Android 7.0)


  • enabled reading of longer ITF barcodes
  • added support for Malaysian visa
  • added support for Malaysian work permits


  • added support for Alberta (Canada) DL


  • added support for scanning front and back side of Austrian ID cards
  • added support for scanning front and back side of Czech ID cards
  • improved support for scanning Croatian ID cards
  • Singapore ID scanning now works even when scanning ID which is positioned upside down
  • in templating API recognition data does not need to be valid anymore in classification step
  • added support for scanning MRZ of green cards
  • support for parsing Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)
  • support for parsing vehicle licence plates
  • renamed BlinkOCRActivity to SegmentScanActivity
  • added RandomScanActivity which is similar to SegmentScanActivity but it does not force the user to scan text segments in the predefined order
  • improved autofocus support on SGS6 and SGS7
  • fixed memory leak in RecognitionProcessCallback, leak was caused by Recognizer singleton holding reference to both Context and MetadataListener even after termination


  • added support for templating API
    • templating API gives you possiblity to combine various detectors with parsers and thus create your own recognizer that can recognize any type of document
    • check updated BlinkID demo app for example of how templating API could be used to scan both front and rear side of croatian ID cards
  • updated BlinkOCRActivity:
    • ScanConfiguration can now define following new features:
      • whether this configuration is required or optional
      • size of field displayed
  • added support for scanning North Carolina driver license barcodes
  • added support for following MRZ codes:
    • austrian ID
    • kuwait ID
    • pakistani ID
  • added recognizers specialized for scanning front and back side of Croatian ID cards
    • although this can be achieved using templating API, we also added dedicated recognizers for convenience
  • added support for scanning Singapore ID cards


  • FailedDetectionMetadata, PointsDetectionMetadata and QuadDetectionMetadata have been replaced with DetectionMetadata which now holds a DetectorResult
    • DetectorResult is more flexible as it allows more different detection types to be added in future
  • fixed several possible crashes in camera management
  • fixed autofocus bug on LG devices when metering areas or non-default zoom level were set
  • fixed autofocus bug on LG G4 (not related to bug above)
  • fixed bug which caused document number to have zeros and Os misrecognized, even if OCR was 100% correct


  • fixed ANR on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VE
  • added RegexParser which can parse almost any regular expression from OCR result


  • fixed bug in parsing dates from German's Driver's licenses


  • reconfigureRecognizers method now throws an error if phone does not have autofocus and at least one of new recognizers require it
  • raw resources are now packed as assets
  • fixed bug with isScanningPaused which sometimes returned bogus value and caused scanning to work even if initial scanning was set to be paused
  • support for scanning custom camera frames via DirectAPI
  • added support for scanning german driver licences
    • this is achieved by renaming UKDL recognizer to EUDL recognizer which now supports both UK driver's licences and german driver's licences
    • this recognizer will be expanded in future with support for other DL's from European contries
  • fixed bug on some devices causing it to never start scanning if device was not shaken
  • increased OCR engine initialisation speed
  • improved Frame Quality Estimation on low-end devices (fixed regression introduced in v1.7.0)
  • added new options to BlinkOcrEngineOptions


  • support detecting on activity flip event
  • fix recognition of long names in MyKad ID cards
  • fixed crash in RecognizerCompatibility on ARMv7 without NEON
  • added RecognizerCompatibility to javadoc
  • added Sony Xperia L to OpenGL blacklist
  • fixed NPE in BarcodeDetailedData


  • added Detector Recognizer which gives you ability to use one of provided detectors to obtain location of object in camera frame or in image
  • improved performance of conversion of Image object into Bitmap
  • added support for obtaining image of scanned MyKad document
  • added support for obtaining image of scanned UKDL document
  • added support for scanning MyKad document via DirectAPI
  • fixed crash that could be caused by quickly restarting camera activity
  • fixed bug in camera layout in certain aspect ratios of camera view
  • fixed bug in segment scan when put on landscape activity
  • added support for scanning MRTD with wrong checkdigit on date field
  • fixed bug in handling setMeteringAreas
  • setMeteringAreas now receives boolean indicating whether set areas should be rotated with device
  • added support for specifying camera aspect mode from XML


  • new API which is easier to understand, but is not backward compatible. Please check README and updated demo applications for more information.
  • removed support for ARMv7 devices which do not support NEON SIMD
    • this enabled us to increase recognition speed at cost of not supporting old devices like those using NVIDIA Tegra 2
    • you can check this article for more information about NEON and why we use it
  • added official support for Android 6.0 and it's runtime camera permissions
    • if using provided activities, the logic behind asking user to give camera permission is handled internally
    • if integrating using custom UI, you are required to ask user to give you permission to use camera. To make this easier, we have provided a CameraPermissionManager class which does all heavylifting code about managing states when asking user for camera permission. Refer to demo apps to see how it is used.
  • BlinkID now depends on appcompat-v7 library, instead of full android-support library.
    • even older versions of BlinkID required only features from appcompat-v7 so we now decided to make appcompat-v7 as dependency because it is much smaller than full support library and is also default dependency of all new Android apps.
  • added support for scanning front side of Malaysian MyKad documents
  • completely rewritten JNI bridge between Java and native code
    • this caused almost 3x increase in recognition performance in our internal tests
  • fixed camera orientation bug on Nexus 5X
  • DirectAPI no longer recycles Bitmap after performing recognition of it
    • this now gives you the possibility to reuse the Bitmap after it has been recognised
  • IMPORTANT - onScanningDone callback method does not automatically pause scanning loop anymore. As soon as onScanningDone method ends, scanning will be automatically resumed without resetting state
    • if you need to reset state, please call resetRecognitionState in your implementation of onScanningDone
    • if you need to have scanning paused after onScanningDone ends, please call pauseScanning in your implementation of onScanningDone. Do not forget to call resumeScanning to resume scanning after it has been paused.
  • pauseScanning and resumeScanning calls are now counted, i.e. if you call pauseScanning twice, you will also need to call resumeScanning twice to actually resume scanning
    • this is practical if you show multiple onboarding views over camera and you want the scanning paused while each is shown and you do not know in which order they will be dismissed. Now you can simply call pauseScanning on showing the onboarding view and resumeScanning on dismissing it, regardless of how many onboarding views you have
    • if you want to show onboarding help first time your scan activity starts, you can call setInitialScanningPaused(true) which will ensure that first time camera is started, the scanning will not automatically start - you will need to call resumeScanning to start scanning after your onboarding view is dismissed
  • added support for x86_64 architecture


  • fixed autofocus issue on devices that do not support continuous autofocus
  • improved performance and quality of United Kingdom's Driver's Licence scanning
  • improved OCR quality when scanning documents with machine readable zone
  • support for defining camera video resolution preset
    • to define video resolution preset via Intent, use BlinkOCRActivity.EXTRAS_CAMERA_VIDEO_PRESET
    • to define video resolution preset on RecognizerView, use method setVideoResolutionPreset


  • added support for scanning barcodes with BlinkID
  • added support for performing raw OCR with BlinkID
  • improved USDL barcode parsing
    • better handling of FullName, FullAddress, Height and Weight of cardholder
  • fixed crash in USDL parser
  • fixed race condition causing memory leak or rare crashes
  • fixed NullPointerException in BaseCameraView.dispatchTouchEvent
  • fixed bug that caused returning scan result from old video frame
  • fixed NullPointerException in camera2 management
  • fixed rare race condition in gesture recognizer
  • fixed segmentation fault on recognizer reconfiguration operation
  • fixed freeze when camera was being quickly turned on and off
  • ensured RecognizerView lifecycle methods are called on UI thread
  • ensure onCameraPreviewStarted is not called if camera is immediately closed after start before the call should have taken place
  • ensure onScanningDone is not called after RecognizerView has been paused, even if it had result ready just before pausing
  • added support for using BlinkID as camera capture API. To do that, implement following:
    • when using RecognizerView do not call setRecognitionSettings or call it with null or empty array
    • implement ImageListener interface and set the listener with setImageListener
    • as a reminder - you can process video frames obtained that way using DirectAPI method recognizeImageWithSettings
  • added BlinkIDDemoCustomSegmentScan demo app that demonstrates advanced integration of SegmentScan feature within custom scan activity. It also demonstrates how to perform generic OCR of full camera frame, how to draw OCR results on screen and how to obtain OcrResult object for further processing.
  • all demo apps now use Maven integration method because it is much easier than importing AAR manually


  • fixed NullPointerException when RecognizerSettings array element was null
  • fixed black rectangle bug on some devices



  • removed support for ARMv5 and ARMv6 processors (armeabi) because of their very poor scanning performance
  • optimized MRZ text extraction algorithm - 0-O confusion now does not cause extremely long processing that resulted in freezing the device
  • updated documentation with use cases for which BlinkID is applicable
  • fixed crash in DirectAPI when recognizer was terminated in the middle of recognition process


  • support for defining camera aspect mode via intent
  • removed autoscale setting from USDL recognizer - autoscale is now always used
  • added MRZ detector to MRTD recognizer - Machine Readable Zone location can now be detected almost everywhere on the image


  • added support for defining region for scanning MRZ
  • added support for scanning UK Driver's Licence, check README for details
  • improved parsing of MRZ (Machine Readable Zones)
  • support for defining camera zoom level
  • fixed NPE when null SuccessCallback was given


  • Improved parsing of some problematic US Driver's Licence barcodes


  • Added support for non-standard issuing authorities



  • added support for obtaining complete unparsed MRZ lines
  • fixed crash on Motorola Lex755 and Sony Xperia Z


  • Support for two-letter country codes


  • Support for MRZ formats in passports and ID cards
  • Support for integration via Maven
  • Documentation update


  • Scanning support for MRZ formats
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