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iOS: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'MBInvalidLicenseResourceException'


The 'MbinvalidLicenseResourceException' exception is triggered when the user has not entered the correct license key in the project where Microblink SDKs are being used.

There are several ways to fix this exception:

1) If you are using the license key with the string method:


Make sure that you have copied and entered the correct license key from the Dashboard and that matches your Bundle ID that is connected with the key.

The method for activating the license key should be implemented in the viewDidLoad function.

2) If you are using the licenske key in form the .mblic file:

MBMicroblinkSDK.sharedInstance().setLicenseResource("licensee", withExtension: "txt", inSubdirectory: "License", for: Bundle.main);

3) License key files come in .mblic extension, so please make sure that you properly set extension or file type (you can use .mblic or .txt).

4) Please make sure that you include .mblic file into Targets - Build phase - Copy bundle resources




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