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Library not loaded: @rpath/Microblink.framework/Microblink Reason: image not found


This exception can happen for several reasons:

The first reason can be because the project has not been successfully downloaded.

You can check the size of the Microblink.framework file (and the Microblink.bundle file for version below 5.5). If the size is lower than ~ 120 MB, try re-downloading the project.

The second reason is that the previously mentioned files have been incorrectly named and the SDK can not recognize their location. Try renaming the MicroBlink.framework and MicroBlink.bundle to Microblink.framework and Microblink.bundle.

Also, in the General Section of your project, see if the Microblink.framework file has been put to option Embed&Sign.

The reason for putting the framework for this option is because BlinkID is a dynamic framework and you will need to embed it in the app's bundle.

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