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The difference between the MRTD, Passport and the VISA Recognizers?

The main difference between recognizers, although all three reads the MRZ line, is in the returning of the photo of the owner. With MrtdRecognizer we can read mrz line anywhere on the documents but this limits us to extract the photo of the holder as mrz line can also be located on the backside of the document, where no image is located. Passport and Visa recognizers work on a similar way, but as on this document type image of the holder is always on the front side (together with the mrz line) we can extract information from the Mrz, photo of the full document and photo of the owner. To avoid the confusion with other MRTD type documents, we internally limited passport and visa recognizer so they are only able to extract documents starting with P (passport) and V (visa). For more info about this field, please visit our MRTD MRZ FAQ article.


What is the difference between an MRTD, a Passport, and a VISA document?


  • A machine-readable passport (MRP) is a machine-readable travel document (MRTD) with the data on the identity page encoded in optical character recognition format.


  • Machine-readable passports enable faster processing of arriving passengers by immigration officials, and greater accuracy than manually read passports, as well as faster data entry and data matching against immigration databases and watchlists.



  • passport is a travel document, usually issued by a country's government to its citizens, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder primarily for the purpose of international travel.


  •  Standard passports may contain information such as the holder's name, place and date of birth, photograph, signature, and other relevant identifying information.



  • A VISA is a conditional authorization granted by a territory to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave that territory.


  • Visas typically may include limits on the duration of the foreigner's stay, areas within the country they may enter, the dates they may enter, the number of permitted visits or an individual's right to work in the country in question. 


What is the difference between an MRTDRecognizer, a PassportRecognizer and a VisaRecognizer?

  • MRTD recognizer is valid for all documents that contain a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)  line. 
    • Using the mentioned recognizer, a user will get all of the information from the document with MRZ, but will not get the picture of the owner of the document, since it does not have a face detector.


  • The Passport Recognizer scans the front side of the document, since all of the information is located there. 


  • The Visa Recognizer, just as the passport recognizer, scans the front side of the document, because all of the information is located on the front side.
    • Scanning the document, the user will receive all of the information and the picture of the owner of the document, since it has a face detector.


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