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BlinkID v5 Release Announcement


Published: 15 October 2019

We are very proud to announce BlinkID v5, the latest upgrade of our most popular product. BlinkID v5 is a game-changer for Microblink’s product technology. Years of dedicated collaboration between our document experts, researchers, and engineers resulted in launching fully automated identity data extraction.
BlinkID v5 is our first product powered entirely by machine learning. 

Highlights in the BlinkID v5 Release

BlinkID v5 introduces improvements in the speed and accuracy of scanning and data extraction, and you will find:

  • Best-in-class card detection.
  • Automatic classification of different document types - no need to preselect the country or document type. 
  • Innovative and seamless UX with real-time instructions for end-users.
  • Data matching – we match the expiry date, DOB, date of issue, and document number captured from the front side with the data on the back.

Besides the new features listed above, we have worked on the improved performance of several other document components:

  • Scanning of all documents with MRZ (IDs, passports, travel visas), or PDF417 barcodes.
  • Scanning and data extraction of the front side of US driver’s licenses and IDs (horizontal).
  • Capturing cropped face image supported even on vertical documents, passports and travel visas. 
  • Capturing document image. 

Integration Improvements

One of the main benefits that BlinkID v5 will bring is scalability and faster support for new document types.

  • The integration of the mobile SDK will be significantly easier and faster for you and your development team.
  • SDK build size will be significantly smaller. 

How to get started and plan your upgrade?

BlinkID v5 mobile SDK release is currently available for iOS and Android, and we have updated documentation on GitHub accordingly.

  • It’s advisable to get familiar with the range of supported document types. We will keep adding support for new documents and regularly update the list on Github.
  • If currently supported document types are not yet supported in BlinkID v5, please follow future releases and plan your upgrade accordingly. 
  • To upgrade to BlinkID v5, you will need to obtain a new production license key specifically for the document types that you require.
  • Already licensed production keys will continue to work as usual, until you decide to upgrade.
  • We plan to release cross platforms in week 21-25 October.
  • We plan to upgrade Web API in the upcoming weeks.
  • What if you require document types supported in the previous version (and not yet added in BlinkID v5) and another document type supported in BlinkID v5? That’s manageable, and in that case, we will create a custom build for you.

Please take the time to test the BlinkID v5 mobile SDK as much as possible. Trial license keys can be generated and they contain a complete set of features for testing purposes. 

Useful Resources

We set our sights high and continue going towards our goal to extract data from all identity documents in the world intelligently and seamlessly. We hope that you’re looking forward to testing BlinkID v5 and exploring many improvements.

Your opinion and contribution, especially on the performance and redesigned UX are very important for future developments. We would appreciate your feedback at

We stand at your service to help you plan your upgrade and for any questions about integration. 

Microblink team

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