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How to report the issue, crash or a bug for WebAssembly platform?


[READ] Reporting:

*Please use Submit a request form: Submit A Request

* For general technical questions, issues, or feature requests related to the code or help to troubleshoot your application.

* If this is a feature request make sure the subject title starts with FR:

* If this is a bug report make sure the subject title starts with BR:

* Log output is essential to troubleshoot the crash. Please attach the complete output from the moment you run the app to end where the crash happened.


Paste the below into the Description field and populate with relevant information:

[REQUIRED] Step 1: Describe your environment:

- Browser type and version?

- Which documents are you trying to scan?

[REQUIRED] Step 2: Describe the problem:

Steps to reproduce:

- What happened?

- How can we make the problem occur?

- Please share a problem description and logs?

- Record your screen and attach it. If you don't have any screen record application, you can use Screencast or Screen2Gif

[REQUIRED] Relevant Code:

- Please share with us a relevant code with which we can reproduce the problem/issue or past a relevant code below:

// TODO(you):

code here to reproduce the problem


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