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Scanning MRTD/MRZ documents with the latest BlinkID SDK release (v 4.8.0.)


Please note that we have significantly improved accuracy for MRZ/MRTD scanning because now we switched to the newest OCR technology based on machine learning.To be more precise, we measured and compared existing vs. new MRTD scanning.

The new OCR system based on machine learning achieves 99.9% accuracy on the character level, which results with a 50% reduction in the error rate in MRZ extraction.

In order to use new MrtdRecognizer or MrtdCombinedRecognizer or to continue using any additional Recognizer for scanning any ID with the MRZ (machine readable zone) within the latest BlinkID SDK update, you must have a new license key.

Before updating to the SDK version 4.8.0, please contact your account manager or send an email to to obtain the new production license key.


Important notes:

- The MRTD scanning with the older BlinkID SDK versions (v 4.7.0 and below) will continue to work without any problems - until you decide to update.
- If you upgrade to the SDK version 4.8.0 without a new license key scanning of MRTD/MRZ documents will not work.
- Contact us at to obtain a new license key if you plan to update your app with the latest release.

For any questions, you might have, we stand at your service.

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