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Price and Pricing details


To get pricing for your project, we need a couple of details to be shared with our Sales team, as we offer different licensing models, pricing is very much defined by the customer's use case and specifics, it is important to understand the customer's requirements first:


  • What will the app be used for in general? Who are the end users of the app? Please describe briefly the specific use case in which our product will be used within the app.


  • Is this a consumer-facing app (B2C, used by the general public) or a professional app (B2B, used by employees, staff, agents…)?


  • How many devices (if B2B) or how many end customers (if B2C) will be using the app?


  • Which documents are you aiming to scan? (Type of document and country of origin)


  • How many scans do you expect on an monthly/annual base?


  • Are you looking for a solution for both mobile platforms (iOS/ Android) and/or web?


You can send this info to our Sales team via email or via Contact us form and the will contact you shortly.

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