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New and Improved BlinkID - Upcoming Features for US Documents


We have exciting news regarding the upcoming release of BlinkID. 

BlinkID, our most popular product, is already well recognized for simple and straightforward user experience, excellent accuracy, and scanning speed. When it comes to the scanning of US documents, it’s safe to say that we are the standard for the fastest, offline barcode reading in real time. Now, the time has come to take it to the next level.

Lately, on our digital channels, we have been writing about research in machine learning and building custom neural network architectures to ensure the best quality in on-device processing. As a result of our efforts, we are proud to announce the complete switch of BlinkID to machine learning, which is planned in several stages.

For this release, we will add support for US identity documents, and for the fall release, you can expect support for many new documents globally.

The main advantages of the ML-powered BlinkID are:

  • Innovative UX with real-time instructions.
  • Automatic detection and classification of different document types. Users don’t need to preselect the country or document type. 
  • Scalable and faster support for new document types.


Major improvements for US documents

As announced on several occasions this year, we are very proud to present new features for scanning of the US identity cards and driver’s licenses

  • Data extraction from the front side of the US identity documents.
  • Best-in-class card detection.
  • Scanning and data extraction data from the barcode on the back side.
  • Data matching – we match the extracted information captured from the front side with the information from the barcode on the back.
  • Redesigned UX to make the process more intuitive for end users.

On top of the above-mentioned new features, existing ones, such as face image and document image extraction, are still available. 

Important notes on the upcoming release:

  • Existing features that you have already purchased can be used along with the new features. 
  • Existing license keys that cover US documents will work as usual, until you decide to update to the new features.
  • In order to use the new features in your app, you need to obtain a new license key specifically for the document types that you require.

We invite you to follow the upcoming release and the documentation on Github and to try new features through our Developer Dashboard. Your opinion on this release, and especially on the redesigned UX is highly valuable to us. Please leave us feedback at

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