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ReactNative: [TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'BlinkIDNative.scanWithCamera')]


When you open the project in Xcode please check in 'Libraries' folder in the project navigator, if you have MicroblinkModule.xcodeproj



If you don't, you should add it by going inside node_modules/blinkid-react-native/src/ios/MicroblinkModule and dragging MicroblinkModule.xcodeproj from Finder:


into Libraries folder inside Xcode:


Also, check in 'General' settings of your target, that the 'libMicroblinkModule.a' is listed there under 'Linked Frameworks and Libraries', if it's not then you can find it in MicroblinkModule.xcodeproj under Products and drag it from Project Navigator to the list of 'Linked Frameworks and Libraries'



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