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[BlinkID] Anonymization mode


In some cases, BlinkID returns incomplete results and a document image with black boxes hiding some data. The reason why is it occurring is because of result anonymization, where some fields on certain documents are protected by the data anonymity act.  

With the result anonymization option enabled, results are not returned for protected fields on documents listed here. The full document image will also have this data blacked out.



1.1. Anonymized document number on the front of German ID 



1.2. Anonymized MRZ field on the back of German ID

With AnonymizationMode method, it is possible to control whether to hide or unhide the anonymized fields - check out more about it in the documentation - Android and iOS.


By using setAnonymizationMode method, you can choose the AnonymizationMode : ImageOnlyResultFieldsOnlyFullResult or None.

FullResult anonymization (both images and data) is set by default.


Here are examples of how to use it in your project:




protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

// we'll use BlinkID combined recognizer
recognizer = new BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer();

//Mode will not be performed

//Only the full document image will be anonymized

//Only the retrived results will be anonymized (will not be retrived)

//Full anon mode is enabled (images + information)

// put our recognizer in bundle so that it can be sent via intent
recognizerBundle = new RecognizerBundle(recognizer);


     //we'll use BlinkID combined recognizer        
self.blinkIdRecognizer = MBBlinkIdCombinedRecognizer()
//Setting up the anonymization mode

//Mode will not be performed
  self.blinkIdRecognizer?.anonymizationMode = .none

  //Only the full document image will be anonymized
  self.blinkIdRecognizer?.anonymizationMode = .imageOnly

  //Only the retrived results will be anonymized (will not be retrived)
self.blinkIdRecognizer?.anonymizationMode = .resultFieldsOnly

  //Full anon mode is enabled (images + information)
self.blinkIdRecognizer?.anonymizationMode = .fullResult

//Create the recognizerList and collection and place the BlinkID Combined recognizer in it
  let recognizerList = [self.blinkIdRecognizer!]
  let recognizerCollection: MBRecognizerCollection = MBRecognizerCollection(recognizers: recognizerList)
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